Saturday, October 22, 2011

Much better day...

The worst is over….only one more part left and then we will be on our way.  The next part is to go on the road with our trainers and put in some miles.  I am really looking forward to hitting the road. 
Randy and I both passed all our tests.  We finished everything up today and we get to relax until Monday morning.  On Monday we will go back to Conway, go thru some more orientation, and then wait on getting our trainers.  I hope that it will not take too long.  I don’t want to say that "we made it" until the next three weeks go off without a hitch.  I am not going to feel comfortable and settled until we are assigned our own truck, get on the road, and maybe even get our first delivery paycheck.  But like I said… the worst is now over and I can relax a little.

Maybe soon that will be us!  Cross your fingers...

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