Saturday, January 7, 2012

Still Idle In Cali…

Well we received the bad news that the truck would not be ready till Monday…maybe. Are you kidding me…with today’s technology you would think a few hours and done…plug into the computer, get a diagnosis, fix and go. Oh well…wishful thinking.

So we rented a car and have been wandering enjoying all this area has to offer. First we needed to stop by the repair shop and retrieve the camera and a few other items. When we pulled into the repair shop Irene and I were both wondering why our truck was sitting outside…is it finished? Great now that we rented a car right…I asked Irene to grab what we needed out of the truck and I would talk with the service manager. The service manager is nowhere to be found so out to the truck I go…wait, why is Irene laughing hysterically…and who is that stranger crawling out of our truck…oh snap, that’s not our truck! Another Conway driver had come to the shop that morning for service, and was asleep in his truck…Irene was trying to get in and he woke up and came out of the sleeper scaring the day lights out of her…I turned around and looked in the shop and there was our truck, right where we left it on Thursday…uhhhh Irene, our truck is over here…LOL…by now everyone in the place is laughing hysterically…Poor Irene…lol

Anyway we have been eating and shopping…then eating and shopping. We had the most incredible Chinese you could imagine yesterday…one of the locals told us of a Chinese restaurant that had a Mexican spin to its taste…incredible! Today we were told of an authentic Mexican restaurant (we are only a few miles from the border) that was just down the street…yes we are still trying to cool the flames…hot and spicy but delicious. I love this area…it’s impossible to loose Irene…she is the only blonde I have seen here so far…lol…and yes English is the 2nd language here…but everyone is very nice to us. The best part of course is they have my favorite Mexican beer…Sol…love the stuff!

Well enough for now I guess…need to help Irene catch up on the laundry…she managed to break the only machine the hotel had…kinda…so the manager is letting us use the big machines they use for the linens. Way to go Irene…I love having her with me…she’s so entertaining!