Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nonstop Entertainment…

Irene mentioned in her last post that I had a funny story to tell about her on a recent trip to California. Funny for myself, but a bit embarrassing on her part…well kind of. We picked up a load at a customer that was located behind a candy factory near LA. The name of the place was See’s Candy. We had some time to kill, so we decided to check out there retail store. Actually the smell of chocolate was in the air and it was hard to resist. Once inside, Irene noticed a security guard standing off to the side and of course she had to ask…why are you here? Is this a bad neighborhood or something? The woman guard replied, “it can be”…in which Irene grabbed my arm and said, let’s get out of here. However, by that time I had noticed the “white chocolates” (and I am a sucker for it). I could not leave without buying a bag. Well anyway we finished up and once loaded had headed out for El Paso TX. I had placed the white chocolates in our truck fridge to keep cool so the chocolate would not melt because it was very, very hot outside. Well the following day Irene was on the phone (Bluetooth) talking with her brother while she was driving and I decided to have some white chocolate. Being the loving husband that I am I placed 2 pieces of chocolate on Irene’s leg so that she could also satisfy her sweet tooth once she was off the phone.

I had finished driving my 11 hour shift a little before this and decided it was time to hit the bed. Irene was good to go driving wise, and deep into conversation with her brother so why not catch some rest. After about a 3 hour nap I crawled out of the sleeper and into the passenger seat and Irene looks to me and says with this long pouty face…“I had an accident”. I freaked out and started looking in the mirrors for damage to the trailer and looking out the windows for damage on the truck while yelling “accident” what do you mean accident? With this sad puppy dog look, and about to cry voice, she looks down at the “let’s say zipper area” of her pants and says… “I forgot you put those white chocolates on my leg. I stood up and looked over at that “zipper area” and all I could see was a big white stain…I couldn’t resist, “Irene”, I said…what have you been up to while I slept? She found no humor in the question…LOL. The chocolates had managed to roll down of her leg and land in her (lap) and onto the seat while she drove, and proceed to melt leaving this big white stain. I laughed and laughed while she asked what am I going to do? Once I pulled myself together I explained that at the next fuel stop she would have to change or take a Clorox wipe and try to clean it off. The wipe worked, but left Irene with a big wet spot on her jeans and now she says…I need to use the bathroom. I couldn’t resist again…I said, it already looks like you went in your pants…she found no humor in that comment either. I said well, tie your jacket around your waist and walk on in…she did and all I could do was laugh watching her walk across the parking lot. The poor girl…she has the worst luck. Which of course I get to have all the laughs…she definitely is “nonstop entertainment”.

Our new Volvo is running great and we love it so far. Things have been going well and we have been bouncing back and forth across the country. We are currently in Pennsylvania picking up a trailer headed for Illinois and then heading out to Calexico, California to drop a trailer at one of our yards. I like the Calexico runs but last week when we were there it was 106…too hot for this guy. Well time to run…I believe our trailer is ready…stay tuned, who knows what Irene will get into next…lol.