Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seems like Déjà vu

Well 2 weeks later and here we are back in the same hotel in El Centro California. Fortunately this time it was our choice. We brought a load here to our drop yard in Calexico and after dropping the trailer off we were told by dispatch there was nothing moving. It seemed that 2/3rds of the nation was under a weather advisory of some sort and trucks were shutdown everywhere. They told us Sunday at the earliest or maybe Monday morning before we would get a load. So off to the hotel but not before stopping at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Nice to sleep in a bed once and a while that is not traveling down the highway at 65 mph…lol…I can sleep fine in the truck when it is parked but not while it is moving. Irene can sleep fine while I drive but the best I can do is maybe 3 hrs if Irene is driving…wait, could it be that I am afraid to close my eyes while she is behind the wheel? Hmmm, no she does great and I never worry…much. I will admit though as of late she has this thing when she wakes up that she whips open the curtain of the sleeper and scares the daylights out of me. I have asked her on more than one occasion to let me know in a gentler way that she is awake and moving about. It’s a little startling to be driving for several hours relaxed, reflecting on things, enjoying the day and all of a sudden, SWOOSH, the curtain opens and out pops Irene…dam Irene, are ya trying to get us killed by scaring me half to death and causing me to swerve off the road? Or better yet…every now and then she would leave the curtain open at night when she slept and I would drive. When she would wake she would stand quietly just behind me while trying to wake up…I would get this feeling something was wrong and turn around to look and there she is standing there looking like the girl from the movie The Ring hair hanging down looking like a zombie…Damn Irene…again…ya trying to kill us? We’ve had a couple discussions and things are much better now…LOL

We had a good week though and spent part of it in Indiana with the snow and cold…now I remember why we moved to North Carolina. It’s nice to be back in the south though…we love the road but also like to step out of the truck occasionally to. We made a run to Laredo Texas from California earlier in the week and took a new route that routed us close to the Mexican border…along the Rio Grande and the Pecos river. The scenery was beautiful especially when we crossed the Pecos…if we would’ve had time we could have taken some great photos…we vowed next time through we would definitely stop. Irene does have some photos posted from late so we hope you enjoy….well I just noticed Irene is asleep so I guess I need to finish the laundry…another great thing about being in the hotel… oh, maybe I will scare her and see how she likes it…stay tuned!