Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Look Back

AS we sit waiting on a trailer at a truck stop in Denver an old friend from Greenville, NC reminded me that I should blog…(thanks Guerry).  Actually he asked me what the Blog address was…but I think that he meant get off your duff and write…lol.  Anyway, Irene and I just celebrated our 1 one year anniversary with the company back on Thanksgiving Day. We have traveled over 250,000 miles in that time with plenty of memories. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner…thank you Irene…you are hear by christened “professional steering wheel holder”

We have learned a lot over the past year and I would like to reflect on a few things that come to mind.

1)    Make sure Irene has the low cut V-neck shirts on when she checks into customers. Better service…lol

2)    When the sign flashing overhead says chain law in effect…they mean chain law in effect…I guess you either get towed or go to jail…according to California HP…lol

3)     The DOT inspectors have no sense of humor.

4)    Never let Irene talk to Border Patrol…I would rather she fake sign language and confuse them.

5)    Always take the quad lock (brake key) with you so Irene doesn’t drive off and leave you when you stop somewhere.

6)    Somehow get Irene to understand the truck doesn’t fit in all McDonalds.

I could keep going but I better end there…she’s giving me that look…lol

Well the holiday season is upon us and we look forward to getting home and spending quality time with the kids. Unfortunately it won’t be for Christmas…we will arrive a couple days late but this was planned so that we could stay for 2 weeks. Reason being we are all heading on a cruise for a week for some much needed quality time together. The Caribbean will never be the same once I’m done with it…lol

Our miles have been great lately and we have managed to do very well in our 1st year. The truck has been flawless and hasn’t skipped a beat…I am really impressed with this Volvo. I guess tonight we will see how it does in the snow as we are headed to the Pacific NW and winter storm Draco is headed towards us. So far we have managed to avoid the winter weather…I guess our luck has finally run out.

I would like to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…we look forward to the year ahead…provided the Mayans were incorrect with their calendar…ha ha! We shall see ya again around the next curve…