Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Ever since we moved to North Carolina in 2002 I have said that if we ever get a Hurricane named after my wife we would be in trouble...well it has arrived...and it's a good one. We are safe though and it is expected to pass by about 90 miles from us off the coast. The outer bands of rain have already arrived and the winds are at tropical force. We are safe though and so are the kids...Justin our son works for the local rescue squad so he will pull an all nighter till the storm has past...I don't worry about him though, he is is a very bright young man and can take care of himself...your mother and I are proud of you Justin!

So we were able to get both daughters settled in last weekend at ECU...Go Pirates! We miss our girls but we have known this day was coming for a long time. Thank goodness momma and I are in truck driving school to help take our mind off it.

Speaking of which...we just finished our 3rd week of school and it is awesome. We have been getting seat time each day and have racked up some good hours behind the wheel. This week we started on backing with different size trailers including tankers and Irene and I have done very well. We have done straight line, 45, 90, and serpentine, only parallel parking is left. Next week marks our halfway point...gosh it's flying by. I am so proud of Irene...she is doing better than some of the guys in our class. She will make a great team driver with me and we cant wait to get on the road. We plan to start sending out applications next week to see if we can land with a company right out of school.

Gotta run....Irene is wife not the storm...LOL