Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Plan

Our plan is for the both of us to get our CDL licenses and team drive across the country.  Hopefully we will hook up with a reputable company who will treat us right as we will give them our dedication, dependability and professionalism.  We are hoping to start our class on August 8th.  The big question is…am I really going to be able to drive a big tractor trailer?

My Sweet Kids

One of the hardest endeavors that I have embarked in my life is being a “Mom”.  To my sweet kids:
     1.      Be Proud of who you are
     2.      Respect yourself
     3.      Respect others
     4.      Be independent
     5.      Don’t be afraid to speak out
     6.      Influence others in a positive way
     7.      Set an example
     8.      Remember to put family 1st
     9.      If there is any doubt, don’t do it


At what point in our life do we actually learn that life is not fair?  And once we learn this and accept it, does that mean that we do not have to play fair?
Our parents have taught us to be fair and always do the right thing, but why should we if life is not supposed to be fair?