Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh Deer!

Well after a quick 4 days home we are back on the road and rolling across America. Home time was pleasant and we once again enjoyed family and friends. My parents traveled from New York to stay for a few days so that our time was just a little more special. We also were able to get out and exercise our right to vote, and I was able to spend some much needed time in a tree stand which was long overdue. The good Lord and Mother Nature combined to make my hunt one of the most memorable ones yet with me harvesting my 2nd largest buck ever. I would like to thank a very good friend (David) for his hospitality during my time in the outdoors. I can’t wait to finish up deer season at Christmas time!
The funny thing about this job is you never know where the road is going to take you next. As I mentioned before my parents had visited while we were on home time. The day we headed back on the road we were sent from Charlotte to Kansas City…then KC to Silver Springs, NY, and then onto Rochester, NY where we picked up a load heading to Texas. I noticed we would be traveling right past Mom and Dad’s and I knew they had arrived home the night before from their trip to NC so Irene and I stopped in for a quick shower and snack…haven’t seen them in over a year and now its twice in a week…LOL
Another funny thing about this job is you never know what you are going to see next. While traveling up through Tennessee a few nights back we witnessed a scene where a woman apparently committed suicide and jumped from an overpass onto I-40 and was struck by several vehicles. It was a horrible scene and I cannot imagine what the drivers of those vehicles are going through. I also cannot imagine what drove that woman to the point where she felt that this was her only alternative.

Well I opened with a deer story and I will close with one. After all it is deer season…LOL
For the past couple weeks I have witnessed the rut (whitetail breeding season) while traveling in several states. I have pointed out to Irene some Bucks chasing Does along the road, across fields, and everywhere else in between trying to get their chance at a little tail. Sounds typical…right guys…LOL.  Anyway with Irene driving one half of the night and myself the other, I constantly remind her to be cautious and keep her eyes open for deer running into the highway. Well the other night while traveling through Kansas we had dodged a few monster bucks that had thought of crossing in our path, but at the last second stopped…lucky for us. Well the night before last, after falling asleep for a few hours, I woke up to Irene asking me if I want the good news or the bad news. So of course, I tell her that I want the good news first.  “The good news is that we did not crash”, she said. She continued with “the bad news is that we have killed a deer”. You mean you hit a deer right? “No” Irene said, “The deer ran into us. I maintained my lane and avoided us crashing, but the deer ran out and bounced off the side of the truck”. Did you stop and see if there was any damage Irene? “Nooo…it’s too dark outside”. Was it a buck or doe Irene? “Doe”, Irene answered. Well I’m going back to sleep; wake me up when we get to the next truck stop Irene. The Doe had hit the side skirting that covers our fuel tank and took a chunk out of it about the size of a golf ball…minimal damage.  Our people said the next time we make it into our main terminal they will repair it.  They told Irene that this is not her fault and they would rather have the driver hit the deer instead of swerving and possibly crashing.  As I questioned Irene again about the incident I got the feeling that she was maybe jealous of my deer that I harvested while at home and all the attention I received from it. Maybe…just maybe, she needed her own deer story to tell when the gangs all together. Hey, I have offered to take her hunting all of our married life…if she chooses to use the truck instead of bow or gun…so be it. Who am I to judge…LOL