Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stress free...

Well it has been one stressful week in "boot camp" but it's over and Irene and I will be headed back to Joplin, Mo Monday morning to join up with Conway...yep we are in like Flynn! Very stressful to say the least and as you can see Irene had caught me on the front porch of the hotel a couple times talking to the bear...what can I say, he understood me.

We are excited though and have been enjoying ourselves a lot. Another guy was sent home yesterday so the final count in camp was 4...ironically the 2 guys that made it were both from upstate NY...great guys and they will both do well with there careers. We wish them the best.

The week was very rough on Irene and I didn't cut her much slack and neither did the instructors but she did fought through it and prevailed...I am so damn proud of her...I love you sweetie! By the look so darn cute driving that truck. Not your average I look forward to traveling the country with you.

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  1. Awe!! I want to see a picture of Aunt Irene driving!! ASAP :-) Love you guys. Talk to ya'll soon!
    Your Niece,