Thursday, October 20, 2011

Night drive...

Never really thought that my 1st night drive that I would ever do would be at 3am but it was. The instructor picked us up at 3am sharp from the hotel and asked who was 1st...I figured what the heck I may as well get it over with...Irene probably would have but the caffeine hadn't kicked in We rolled away from the motel and the instructor informed me that we were going into town to drive a truck route thru downtown...great, not only dark as heck out but also maneuver through this little town of Neosho. It was about a 45 minute run and I got everyone back in one piece...definitely a different beast in the dark. Irene went 2nd in the rotation once the coffee brought her to life and she had a good drive as well...I think she got a little testy with the instructor but we wont go not a morning person.

After breakfast we headed out to practice our coupling and un-coupling of the trailer and then sliding our trailer tandems (axles). Once finished the fun began...we headed to the obstacle course. I have to admit the course is very challenging...we will definitely need some more hours on

It's been a great week so far though and although we spent 7 weeks at driving school in Wilmington, what we have learned here is the next level. Once we finish Saturday we will start with our Conway trainers next week and they will bring us up one more level over the weeks we will be together on the road. The excitement continues...stay tuned!