Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Different life...

Here I am in the middle of the United States, not knowing one single person (other then Randy), in a low end motel, with no transportation and no way of even remotely thinking about eating well.  The name of the motel is “BooneslickLodge”, if that tells you anything.
I am praying and hoping to get thru this next step of the job hiring process.  Yesterday I failed the fitness test.  Yes, I sure did!  I can’t believe it.  It baffles me, because I really did not think that I was that bad off.  If I do make it past this Friday, I will have to separate from Randy for THREE weeks.  I am not sure how that will go over.  I hate even thinking about it.
Today was most definitely a better day.  I am truly hoping that all this is worth it.  Sometimes I ask myself “what am I doing?”  I am impressed with the company that we have signed on with, but I do continue to have doubts about this industry.  It feels more like one of those get rich schemes, and everyone promises you everything in the world.  The reality of it is that only a select few survive.  Not many people make it past 6 months of trucking. 
I did get a little taste of living on the road and it’s really not that bad (with the exception of the eating and the accommodations).  I am not itching to go home, so I think that I have overcome the first hurdle.  Randy and I walked from our motel room to Wal-Mart to get some necessities earlier today and I said to Randy “I feel like poor people”.  Randy looked at me and replied “we are poor but we are rich in health and family".  I said to him " you are rich in health…I failed my fitness test, remember?" (lol).  This experience has definitely humbled us both.

What a differance 24 hrs. makes

Woke up this morning and it was 48 degrees...not really liking that. They are saying tonight it is going down to 34...hello we came from NC where it was high 80's when we left...heading to the store after dinner to buy some warmer clothes...LOL

Well we have made it through the 1st day of boot camp. We had a great day and actually was able to get some seat time after lunch. The school has top notch equipment and our truck this afternoon was a 2007 Kenworth T2000...what a sweat ride. We spent the afternoon driving around an old military base that has been closed for years. It was very nerve racking at 1st but after a few minutes of seat time everyone settled in and the driving got better. Irene and I are not use to such new equipment and neither were the other 3 students in the truck with us. Half way through the afternoon we had one student get called up to the front office and we all thought oh no...another one gone. Luckily though he had his discrepancy straightened out and he rejoined us later in the day.Tomorrow we will head onto the highway (as long as we don't freeze to death...lol) and get our city driving in...later in the day we will do some defensive driving moves on the campus at an obstacle course that they have set up...that should be a white knuckle experience...stay tuned!