Monday, May 21, 2012

On the road again...

Back on the road again…Well after spending a week on home time it feels rather nice to hit the road again. We had quality time with the kids, visited with family, took care of some home projects, and managed to squeeze in 2 full days at the beach. Our daughters have completed their first year of college successfully and both are all set for next year. One will be staying at home for the summer and the other is staying at school. I can’t keep track of these kids. Our son is also at home and will be finishing up his Paramedic schooling this year. He is our caretaker of the house while we are on the road. Brave aren’t we…22 year old with full run of the place…we must be crazy…lol. Everything seems like it is falling into place and we are more content with being away from home. We miss our kids dearly, but they sure do appreciate everything we do for them.

Anyway when we came off home time, we picked up a load in Rocky Mount, NC headed for Vernon, California. We are now sitting in LA waiting for a load headed to El Paso, TX. This is not the best of “hoods” but Irene has my back…speaking of Irene, her geography hasn’t gotten much better. We were heading past downtown LA on I-10 and she says “wow, the city is huge, have we ever been there”…OMG Irene, you drove in there on the NOKIA theatre run. Oh that’s where it was she says…LMAO! Time to get the map and pointer out I guess. That girl never leaves me bored…I love sharing the road with her and each day brings a new laugh.

It’s funny when we mention to people that we drive as a team, some of them say how wonderful that must be to spend each day with one another and see the country. Others look at you like your nuts or they look at you like you are a 2nd class citizen. I have news for them, they have no idea what they are missing… The money is excellent running team, the view from our window every day is beautiful and constantly changing, and I spend it with my best friend, my love, my wife!