Monday, August 27, 2012

Been a while…

Wow how lazy I have become when it comes to our blog…nearly 2 months since my last post. Maybe it’s the dog days of summer. We are still here…physically, not sure about mentally though…lol. We took 2 weeks off in July and spent some quality time with the kids and family plus celebrated our birthdays…Irene a very young 28…lol…and myself a wonderful “50”…and still acting 18 though…lol. We have been very busy since returning to the road and have knocked off some great miles. Last week was our best to date finishing with 8926 miles. Speaking of last week, we have mentioned on and off in the past of a couple Ann and Craig that drive as a husband and wife team that we followed on a blog they had sharing their tails and experiences on the road. They were a very big influence in our decision to pursue this occupation and through a handful of email swaps and their knowledge is a big part of why we are here today. Well for 9 months we have been trying to cross paths with them on the highway and finally last Sunday it happened. We met up on I-40 in Oklahoma at a truck stop where we enjoyed great conversation and a meal fit for a king…well actually it was Subway…I guess a meal fit for a truck driver…ha ha! What a great couple they are and it was so great to finally meet them…I know they are reading this and we can’t wait to see ya’s again! Thanks again you two for all the insight on the industry you have provided.

We had a delivery the other day at a customer near Boston Mass. who had one of those names that you just can’t forget…unless of course you’re Irene. When I first saw their name on the bill of laden, “A. Duiey Pyle” all I could do is laugh…I said to Irene, well that’s an easy one to remember.  We picked the load up in NJ and headed to Mass.  and on several different occasions I mentioned the customer’s name to Irene…again “A. Duiey Pyle”. Well after the delivery we headed to Montgomery NY to pick up a load headed for California and Irene ask me a question about our previous delivery…confused a little I asked, who are you talking about. She says that place we were just at…what was his name…Gomer Pyle? I couldn’t resist…for those of you who are old enough to remember I turned to her and said “well golly Sgt. Carter” she found no humor in that.

It’s so nice to be back on the road…I was fearful that the time home would strip Irene of her Blonde actions but luckily as Gomer proved…they are alive and well…lol

The truck has been running great and we are enjoying our time on the road more and more each week.  We have really settled in and are finding more time to enjoy each trip…having more time to stop and smell the roses along the way…life is still good!