Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The wait may finally be over...

Well here I sit in the Holiday Inn still in Joplin MO. My trainer is due here this afternoon so I hope to hit the highway tomorrow at the latest. It's been a relaxing week while I wait but boredom has started to set in and I need to get moving. That unfortunately is the nature of the beast...I asked for a non smoking trainer and they are hard to come by...the wait is worth it though and my lungs thank me. My trainer and I have talked on the phone already and he seems like a nice guy...he says he is a Redneck from Alabama...then he should be fine with this Carolina Redneck...LOL

Irene is with her trainer in California and is enjoying her travels...she said that when she drove through New Mexico and Arizona the landscape was beautiful...okay where is Irene and what have you done with her...the I am a beach person am glad she is enjoying it though and cannot wait till we get to see the country together. She has met some other team drivers and says she learned a lot during there conversation. Stay safe sweetie...See ya soon!