Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life is good...

Another month gone and only two breakdowns…things are looking up! Luckily they were minor and one only kept us down for the day. We have made the decision to hold out till June and at that time the company will give us a new Volvo to drive. Nice trucks and we can hardly wait.

We still ended up with decent miles for the month along with some good trips. We had one run that took us from Illinois up thru Wisconsin and Minnesota on I-90/I-94 across North Dakota…a route we had not seen in quite a while…at least in the daylight. Not much to see in Dakota but the rest of the ride is fabulous. We had a trailer we were dropping in Tacoma, WA and for the 1st time since we started…we managed not to see any snow in the northwest…just high on the mountain tops is all.

Once we dropped our trailer we headed to Oakland CA where we picked up a UPS load that was heading to Denver and then from there onto Chicago…quite a nice loop we did in a handful of days. From there it was down to Miami where we enjoyed the sunshine.

We have been on the road a little over 6 months now and there is never a dull moment. We have met some great people along the way and made some good friends. The road never gets boring and of course Irene is always entertaining. I have to admit at 1st it was very frustrating at times but each day life on the road gets easier. It took us about 4 months just to silence the interior of the truck…all the rattles and squeaks that come from the rough ride. In addition, a lot of the runs we are doing now are ones we have done before so you know what to expect in advance. It’s just wonderful seeing the sun rise and set every day through the windshield, along with the moon as well…Kids are healthy and happy…mom and dad enjoying life…what more can I say.