Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time to get back to work…

Well our truck is out of the shop and we are headed back on the road. It has been a wonderful 5 day break for us though. Irene and I rented a car and headed up to San Diego to do some sightseeing. We spent the day walking along the coastline enjoying the ocean breeze, sunshine, and each other’s company. We managed to see the seals and sea lions that hang out on the rocks while we walked in La Jolla…kinda funny, we were walking along and I said to Irene, those rocks just moved…all she could do was laugh…they blend in so well when they lay on the rocks they are hard to see…oh well so my eye sight is getting bad…lol

We had the chance to eat at some great restaurants, catch up on rest, and watch Alabama whoop LSU…loved it! We met some very nice people during our stay and can’t wait to return. California is such a beautiful state and there is soooo much to see and do, but I would never want to live here…way to tight for me. A lot of traffic, small houses stacked together tight and way to many people…some very strange ones I might add…lol…still a great place to visit.

I would like to thank Irene for the time we shared in Cali…she is my best friend, my lover, my wife. She makes spending everyday with her such a joy and I look forward to growing old with her and doing a lot more sightseeing together in the future…I love you Irene!