Monday, January 30, 2012

Latest Pictures from last week...

Moab, Utah

Irene chokes again…

For those of you who follow us you may remember a while back
I spoke of how Irene chokes every time we cross the border or have to talk to anyone in uniform. Well this past week we had a run from Dallas/Fort Worth up to Vancouver Canada. I was behind the wheel on our way into Canada and had fun with Border Patrol on our way in…they are always so serious but I had this guy chuckling before I drove away. After our drop in Canada it was Irene’s turn behind the wheel for the trip out. We had rehearsed several times what they would ask her and how she should respond…well so much for that. We pulled to customs and the 1st question asked was, where are you coming from, and without skipping a beat Irene replied…Ahhhh, dang here we go again… so I replied, Vancouver, British Columbia…I thought for sure we would be pulled to the side and interrogated for hours but I answered all there questions and we were cleared to return to the United States. I had to ask Irene as we laughed our way into the U.S. what is with you and people in Uniform…all she could say was that she chokes…but of all places the U.S./Canada border…we rehearsed this…are you trying to get us locked up?

We had a great trip though and took a new route to Canada that took us thru Moab, Utah. What an awesome place…one that I will have to add to our bucket list of vacations. The mountains, caverns, and the Colorado river…and the fact that you can rent Jeeps to drive everywhere, will keep me plenty happy. On our way back from Canada we crossed through the mountains from
Washington to Montana down through South Dakota on I-90…awesome country and a beautiful ride…for me…the whole time all I heard from Irene was…there’s no beach…lol…which reminds me of another funny moment on this trip. While heading up I-5 through Seattle Washington Irene looked at the GPS and said what’s that water to our left…that would be the ocean Irene…she replied, ocean…what ocean…OMG…the Pacific ocean Irene…lol…needless to say I will be giving Irene geography classes on our free time…lol. As we passed down through the Bad Lands of South Dakota we decided to take a short cut through Indian territories. I was joking with Irene that we may get scalped, and that we should call Richard one of our co-workers who is Indian, to see if there is a password to use if we ran into trouble…lol…Irene replied to me yeah what is that word they always say to each other…chewbaca?...holy cow Irene, that was the dude on Star Wars…I laughed for hours. She is soooo entertaining to travel with.

We are currently sitting in St. Louis waiting to drop this trailer then we will be picking up another and heading to San Antonio…life is good and we are still enjoying life on the road together. I know when I write it seems like I am always picking (joking) on Irene but how can I not…she truly is a riot to be on the road with. She knows I mean no harm though and that I truly love her very much! Trust me she gets her sweet revenge when she can…and I deserve it.

We hope everyone is enjoying the Blog and if there is anything we can do to make it better please feel free to drop us a line…stay tuned!