Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good Week...

We just finished up last week with 6900 miles. While we were leaving Texas and heading to KC we hit some high winds. Irene had all she could do to keep the truck on the road and at times we often thought about shutting down. We dropped at UPS in KC and then headed to Blythe, California just over the border from Arizona. We then were dispatched to LA California; and again greeted with high winds on route I-10. Unfortunately this time we were empty and this presented quite a challenge. With the “high wind warning” signs flashing at roadsides, we drove on noticing that most trucks had shut down and we were almost convinced that we should also. Finally we received that gust of wind we needed to confirm our decision to shut down…I really thought we were going over. It was perfect timing because I noticed a “Rest Area” sign at that moment, and to top it off, only 1 parking spot was left…thank you Lord for that sign.
After California we had a load going back to KC and once again high winds all the way thru Kansas. Luckily we had good weight on our trailer to keep us steady. Enough of the winds…send us somewhere calm! Well that wish was granted and we headed from KC out to Washington…just south of Seattle. But wait, you’re kidding me right? High wind warnings till 4am on I-70 in Nebraska and Wyoming…uhhh! And to make things even more interesting our load was only 4 skids at 100lbs. each. We made it as far as Wyoming and at that point we shut down for a few hours until the winds settled. Well is there anything else Mother Nature wants to show us…what’s that, snow…where, oh dang. When we hit the Wyoming/ Utah border it was snowing pretty good…it wasn’t sticking, but it was still snowing. The mountain tops were completely white but at least the roads were good. I love the Northwest…not much up here but absolutely gorgeous scenery... definitely one of my favorite places.

Of course with all the miles this past week there had to be a few humorous moments from my wife. I hope our readers understand that I am not picking on Irene nor trying to mock her…she just comes up with the funniest stuff…and of course being a blonde…okay now I am picking…lol. I love her more than life and she knows that.

We were merging into traffic on I-10 near LA, California when I said to Irene, make sure you don’t go all the way into the left lane when she interrupted and said “I know that’s the HIV lane”…I think you mean HOV sweetie…she said yeah whatever.

While at a rest area in Wyoming this past week, I remembered back to a recent trip thru Montana where we had stopped to use the restroom. It was late at night and while I waited for Irene to come out of the ladies room I read a warning sign about the Bison in the area. It basically explained that they are free roaming and not to try and approach them..Duhhh! Anyways once Irene came out she looked at the sign and asked me, are we safe…will they attack us? I couldn’t resist…no keep your eyes open and hurry to the truck…they are known to attack and kill their prey, just like Lions…she almost believed me.

While traveling thru Wyoming we chatted about how there is not much around and the houses are few and far. I noticed a helicopter and pointed it out to Irene and she said…that’s how you visit your neighbor in these areas…too far to drive to them…lol

Well enough for now…we received our dispatch from Portland, OR heading to South Holland, IL.

Stay tuned!