Sunday, February 24, 2013

Russell's Museum 

What a great week we have had…we are finishing up with 6143 miles for the week.  Last week we had a last minute save that put us at 5760…not bad for this time of year. On Wednesday morning we were in Lancaster, PA dropping a trailer at QVC.  We found out that we would be picking up in the afternoon and heading for Nashville, TN. Oh what to do with our free time? 
The shipping and receiving clerk at QVC had mentioned to us there was a Mennonite store just down the road and she highly recommended it.  I was excited because as I have mentioned in the past I am very intrigued by the Amish and the Mennonites. There way of life is just simple. Irene, on the other hand, was very skeptical as she is with everything. I was telling Irene that I am getting baked goodies! All their products are cooked and baked with all natural ingredients and none of that chemical crap that the food industry puts on us. Irene’s reply of course (and I expected nothing else from her), was that they probably buy the stuff at Wal-mart and wrap it in their own packages…she kills me. Once we were in the store I was like a little kid. Let’s get this and oh I want that…Irene on the other hand just walked and looked but said nothing. Well not until we reached the baked goods. Banana bread…bingo! She couldn’t resist…”but Irene, don’t you think that may have come from Wal-mart” I asked?  I had to poke some fun at her, I couldn’t resist. Wait…what’s that Éclair dish you are holding? Irene managed to find this Éclair in a plastic dish that looked incredibly delicious. After our shopping excursion we headed back to the truck to put away our groceries. By this time it was getting closer to lunch and instead of making sandwiches or soup, someone (Irene) decided to try the Éclair.  Well by the moans and sounds coming from Irene you would have thought she was…well never mind. Anyway I asked to try a little and OMG…it was incredible. Irene asked for it back and I said “no, it’s probably from Wal-mart”, I told her.  The fight was on!  We looked like two seagulls fighting over a fish on the beach for that Éclair. I did give it back so she could enjoy…I’m such a softy. Well after that wonderful desert and the Banana bread Irene has a new outlook on Amish/Mennonite baking.

If you are ever in the Lancaster, PA area you may want to check them out. It’s located at 820 Ivy Road Lancaster PA, 17601.  The name is Forry’s Country Store, or you can visit them at
Another great find we had this week was Russell’s Car Museum located off I-40 at exit #369 in New Mexico. Actually, it is a very nice truck stop, which has a museum, a travel/gift store, and a restaurant. The car museum is a definite “Man Cave” and a must see. Mustangs, Corvettes, Model A’s, 57 Chevy Belair the list goes on…all I could do was drool. There were also a few motorcycles along with a Willy’s jeep on display. One of the bikes was a 42 Harley Flathead. We have posted some pictures to tease everyone into stopping in if you are ever out that way. The people were very friendly especially Art. He is a super nice guy who took the time to tell us all about the place and where to get the best pictures.  He helped us in capturing as much of the collection as possible and he also took our photo…thank you again Art! If only we had more time I would have stayed all day. The store was also very nice with lots of things to purchase for the gift or souvenir seeker. We did not have time to eat there, but if the food was anything like the rest of the place, I am sure it was 5 stars! For those of you wanting a closer look check them out at …we hope you enjoy it.

As I am writing this we are cruising across Texas headed for Michigan and realizing just how blessed we are to experience all we do day in and day out.  We get to meet some wonderful people along our journey…like Art from the museum. Keep the cars looking pretty Art…we will definitely be back!