Monday, February 13, 2012

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse…

Well it’s been another eventful week in the truck while zigzagging across America. We had a good run last week that took us back to California but unfortunately that was met with a some misfortune. We rolled into Arizona the early hours on Wednesday morning and at the 1st weigh station I was stopped and asked to come inside with my permit book. No worry right…were a big company and are very compliant with the rules and regulations….WRONG! It seems that when our permit book was put together and given to us, someone dropped the ball and forgot to put in the current registration card. The registration was current but the law states we must carry the card at all times. Well unfortunately the DOT officer who reminded me of my 5th grade teacher (Miss Crabtree…lol) had no sense of humor and would not let me have the current one faxed while I was there…so you guessed it...a ticket was issued to me even at the disbelief of her co-workers who rolled their eyes and shook their heads. Really…next thing you know she’ll say I J-walked in the parking lot. Well we hit the road and rolled thru Arizona in disgust but the bottom line is it’s my responsibility to make sure we have all the paper work at all times…as much as I would like to blame the company I can’t. Life goes on…but the State of Arizona was not done with me yet. As we came to the AZ/CA border we were pulled over by the Highway Patrol…at mile marker 1…I could see the welcome sign for California while we waited to see what he wanted. He walked up and said he was going to perform a level 2 inspection on us…1 being the most intense and 3 being the simplest. Are you kidding me…I asked Irene if we did something wrong last time thru Arizona that I didn’t know about. Well we went through about a ½ hour of questions and equipment checks before we were given a thumbs up on our inspection.

So off to California we went where we made our delivery. We then were given our new assignment to pick up a load just outside of LA. This load was bound for Kansas City, and as we looked at the map we quickly saw that a direct route would be I-15 out of California thru Las Vegas…wait, Las Vegas? We have never seen Las Vegas and the best part would be seeing it at night all lit up. So as the excitement built we headed out towards Las Vegas with Irene driving and me relaxing. I must have fallen asleep cause what seemed a short time later, I felt the truck slow up and come to a stop. Irene pulled into a truck stop to fuel the truck. I asked her how long it would be before we got to Las Vegas and her reply was…”oh that was back about an hour or so ago”. WHAT?...are you kidding me…why didn’t you wake me up? She said “you were sleeping so peacefully I really didn’t want to bother you”. Please tell me your joking Irene…right? She say’s I’m sorry…I felt like some little kid whose parents let him sleep thru Christmas. And to make matters worse she says …”oh it was absolutely beautiful”…I saw the Mirage, the Trump, Mandalay Bay…stop Irene! I don’t care to hear about it…I will get my revenge…LOL

I will leave you with some funny conversations from the week…Irene hates driving mountains and while we headed east towards the Rockies and she complained I asked her if she knew what was on the other side of the mountains…she asked what…I told her more mountains. While she drove I-15 heading out of California she looked down off one of the mountains and said…we probably could have taken that road down there and it would have been easier…ahhhh Irene, that’s a railroad track down there…lol And finally while driving down a large mountain in Utah on I-70, myself behind the wheel and Irene in the sleeper, she happened to look up and say Holy Sh!t Randy floor it. What she saw was the runaway ramp in case you lose your brakes…I calmly took the curve to the left and let Irene figure the rest out on her own…lol I love having her in the truck…it’s a comedy show on wheels!

Well I need to run b/c my comedian co-driver just made me an awesome lunch…I love you Irene Bridge!