Sunday, October 16, 2011

This sign is around the corner from where we are staying...and of course Randy wanted me to take his picture.

We made it...

Sitting in our room at the Holiday Inn located in Joplin MO and figured I would bring everyone up to speed. Irene is sound asleep...she is still battling a cold that she has had this whole trip and has been quite the good sport considering her condition.

We arrived here at 1:30 this morning and the company had a taxi take us to the hotel. Along the way the cab driver was kind enough to take us through the area of the city that was destroyed by the tornado this past May. Even in the moonlight you could clearly see the devastation and loss that took place during this tragic event. Mother nature can be so powerful at, apartments, businesses, and life...totally gone in seconds.

We arrived at the hotel and as my luck would have it they were booked solid, so much for the company getting us set up with accommodation' went over to Denny's at the corner and had a bite to eat while they figured things out. I have to admit when we walked into the restaurant I was a little frightened at the way people looked and dressed out here...then I found out these patrons had just got off work from a local haunted house open for Halloween...silly me. Finally some solid food and not out of a bus terminal vending machine. After we ate everything was straightened out and we got in our rooms at shower and to sleep in minutes...a bed and pillow...heaven after 38hrs sleeping upright in a bus seat.

Ironically while checking in at the Holiday Inn we met a driver from Conway Truckload who was there for the night while his truck was being serviced...he had nothing but positive things to say about the company. That's nice to hear and reassures us in our decision to go with Conway...stay tuned!

Ty (Aka Randy)

My Hot huband! I think he can replace Ty....