Wednesday, October 26, 2011

She's leaving me...

Well the hardest part of our adventure has finally arrived...I knew this day would come and I have tried my best to prepare for it...Irene is leaving me. Yep that's right she has her trainer assigned and she is headed for California from Joplin, MO on her 1st run at midnight tonight. We have been joined at the hips for 10 months now...working together, driving school together, 24/7 for 10 months...and now it's 3 weeks of text message's and phone conversations before we are back together. If all goes well we should be back in our own truck together in about 3 weeks and then we will hit the road as a team. Irene has already talked to her trainer (Vicki) and she seems very nice. Of course Irene is a nervous wreck but she will calm down after a few hours on the road...I hope. I will miss her dearly and it will be strange without her around but we both look forward to finishing our 7500 miles and moving on as a "TEAM" in our adventure...b/c there is no I in TEAM!

Thank you Irene for making me the person I am today...and also pushing me to do my best in life...I am so proud of you for what you have accomplished. Be safe out there sweetheart and please know that you will be in my thoughts every moment...I LOVE YOU!!