Thursday, April 25, 2013

Well…finally!  It’s nice to be able to blog again.  A certain someone broke the laptop in the truck, so we have been without one for about a month.  I won’t mention any names but she is my team mate, my love and my wife…lol.  We are on home time now for about two weeks and we look forward to spending time with family and friends.
Business has been great so far as owner operators.  We have not had a week yet with less than 6000+ miles.  As I always say “miles is money”.  We have a new Fleet Manager and she is wonderful!  She keeps us rolling and she also realizes that we are living breathing humans…unlike some other FM’s. Red Solo Truck has been running well so far and we have had zero issues.  Our fuel mileage for the first 30 days was right at 7.0 mpg.  That is pretty good for this truck.  We run at 62 mph and have done a few small upgrades to enhance our mileage.  I am hoping that by summer we will be able to bring it to 7.5 mpg, which would make us very happy.  The truck was at 6.4 mpg when we bought it.  By making some upgrades to the truck and bringing the fuel mileage to 7.5 mpg, it would put an additional $15k back in our pocket each year in fuel savings. Pretty substantial…
Well as I said we are home and it’s that time of year when the turkeys are gobbling.  I am off to the woods for a little one on one with a long beard.  Of course Irene has her “honey do list” out but that will have to wait.  We also have a long list of things we want to do to Red Solo Truck so it will be a busy 2 weeks of hunting, honey do, and truck maintenance.  Heck I will need to get back on the road just so I can get some rest…lol

I am going to keep it short for now but will write again when we hit the road with our “new laptop”.  One that Irene can’t break…ooops, I wasn’t going to mention any names. Ha ha!
I know I say it a lot on here, but I thank the Lord for blessing me with a wonderful and healthy family, a job that lets me spend every day with the woman I love, and also lets me travel the country and enjoy all the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.  

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  1. It sounds like your change of status is working very well for you. That is excellent news. Enjoy your home time!!